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Who is Eco-Global Termite Doctor?

Eco-Global Termite Doctor Pty. Ltd. is directed by Dr Deling Ma, who is an applied entomologist focusing on termite/pest management and development of bio-pesticide formulations.


The quality of our services is backed by more than 25 years of practical experience in pest management, and the outcomes of our on-going termite & pest research programs in our unique pest laboratory. We maintain active termite colonies in the laboratory for research and educational purposes. To date, the combined number of clients that our technicians have serviced is over 20,000. We currently conduct pest control service for more than 150 restaurants, shops, and childcare centres. We know termites/Pests in detail as we live with and observe them every day.

Our Mission

Conducting pest and termite control for residential, commercial and industrial premises in the Brisbane & Gold Coast areas as well as in all Melbourne suburbs, Termite Doctor is committed to providing you with the very best service by remaining the industry leader in research, technical expertise and versatility.

Our Moto

United, We Grow!

Rules make us be organised.

All members have to abide all organisional rules.

Honesty is Paramount and Above ALL Rules!

Certifications & Qualifications

Dr Ma was awarded his PhD in Entomology from The University of Queensland in 2001. After 18-year research career with 30 publications in international journals such as Australian Journal of Entomology, International Journal of Pest Management, Phytoparasictica and Japanese Journal of Applied Entomology & Zoology.


He changed his direction to applied pest management. Servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Eco-Global Termite Doctor was established in 2009 by Dr Ma, in conjunction with Mr Enzo Pilotti, the company’s General Manager. The company has been accredited as a Termidor applicator and TermX installator. We are fully licensed, fully insured, prompt and ideal for body corporate jobs.


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